Company Overview

The HANSEATIC UNITY HANDYSIZE POOL is a global chartering platform run by a highly qualified international team with strategically located offices around the world ensuring intensive coverage of dry markets. Having shared the approach of investment into high specification tonnage and first class operations for decades, Reederei NORD and the Döhle Group, decided to set up a common commercial operator. Both owners contribute their entire fleet of 18 modern eco handy vessels (ranging) from 37.000 to 40.000 dwt to the Hanseatic Unity Handysize Pool (HUHP) which started trading on the 1st July 2018. Both founding partners are controlled by well-established traditional German ship owning families with long lasting roots in the shipping industry and significant experience in operating pools . Together both parties operate 15 pools including bulker, container and tanker pools.

and Mission

HUHP ́s mission is to deliver service to our customers, to provide service to you.

Our aim is the perpetual striving for improvement by acting true to our values:
Unity, Simplicity, Efficiency, Reliability, Productivity
Values each individual within HUHP lives by, day in and day out. Together they remind us of our identity and drive everyone to constantly give their utmost. We believe that opportunities create value and HUHP is focused to find those opportunities with our global and experienced team with a proven track record.

The Unity in our name is not just a word. It is a promise we give to our customers. A promise we are giving to you.

Our team is able to tackle the challenges of today’s market by being transparent and flexible. Two core values that are of paramount importance, yet often missing these days. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients. We are committed to provide tailor-made solutions that are characterized by Simplicity and Efficiency, making us a reliable and productive business partner for cargo owners, ship owners and charterers alike.

Looking for reliable solutions for your handysize bulkers?


  • Ability to undertake large contracts of affreightment (COA) with the youngest Handysize fleet( 3 years on average ) in the market
  • Triangulation – higher load factors and minimise ballast legs and idle times
  • Clear and defined operational standards (i.e. cleaning standard, armed guardsexpenses) reducing off-hire time and disputes between owners
  • Become visible to charterers by its size and operational standards
  • Leveraging of existing infrastructure (i.e. Bunker Desk etc.)
  • Diversification and risk spreading through broad customer base


Leveraging of existing network and infrastructure significantly increases visibility while reducing geographical, operational and counterparty risk

  • Strategically located chartering desks in Hamburg & Singapore ensuring intensive coverage of bulk markets in all time zones
  • Acces to a global network of first class charterers and counterparty risk assessment (vetting teams ensure a 99,7% performance of all hire payments)
  • Access to high quality operations departments to further improve performance


HUHP offers a complete commercial service similar to the chartering departement of a large shipping corporation


  • A strong competence base on our operations desk
  • Optimized vessel positioning to cater for owners’ needs
  • Extensive use of port captains
  • Latest IT platform (IMOS) ensuring transparency and visibility


  • Commercial and operational advisory meetings
  • Weekly pool performance updates and comparisons with open market spot and TC developments
  • Pool revenue projections and market analysis for trading areas
  • Dedicated operator screening individual vessel performance


  • Receive gross revenues, including contracts of affreightment, spot charters, claims, demurrages and hire from ships on TC
  • Cost payable include voyage costs, bunker,port and canal dues, cargo – handling and agency expenses


  • Contracting
  • Operations
  • Scheduling
  • Bunkering
  • Cargo handling
  • Accounting
  • Cash management
  • Cargo insurance and claims