Hakim Abdullah has joined our operations Team

Posted by Hu_HaNdY_Adm_Nu_18

We are pleased to announce that on 1st July 2023 Mr. Hakim Abdullah will join the Operations Team of the Hanseatic Unity Handysize Pool in Singapore as Operations Manager.

He was born in Singapore on 25th February 1986 and over the last 10 years has been working in different Operations roles in various companies, such as ICOF, Pan Union, Maersk Group and Lafarge Holcim.

Hakim carries a Master of Science in International Shipping from Plymouth University in UK.

We believe Hakim will be a good addition to the HUHP team, which we also like to grow internationally, and we are happy to welcome him.

He can be reached at Telephone: +65 6359 2172; Mobile: +65 8380 3463